Most Common English Expressions 2

Learn English with this month´s selection of most common English expressions.

Most Common English Expressions Series – Part 2

Hello, hi, how are you, good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good night. As I talked about in the first blog of this series, making a list of common expressions is very difficult because there are so many of them.  This is part 2 of that blog series covering basic expressions. Remember, I´m going to give you just the most common ones that I am familiar with. Don´t expect “Howdy, partner,” because that one´s from Texas and I´m from California.

• Everybody has an opinion, right? Here are some ways you can express your opinions (a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something; what someone thinks about a particular thing*):
o I´d say…    I´d say you better think of a better sentence.
o Personally, I think…  Personally, I think you are asking the wrong questions.
o If you ask me…   If you ask me, no one should get a raise.
o The way I see it…   The way I see it, she only has two choices.
o As far as I´m concerned…  As far as I´m concerned, she only has two choices.
o If you don´t mind me saying…  If you don´t mind me saying, you look very pretty.
• Many times we need to guess (to form an opinion or give an answer about something when you do not know much or anything about it) at something. Here are ways to phrase your guesses:
o Off the top of my head…  Off the top of my head, I´d say about half of them are new.
o If I had to take a guess… If I had to take a guess, I’d say look 30.
o I’d say…    I’d say you look 30.
o Chances are…    Chances are he won´t pass the test.
o Probably…    Probably only half.
o We’re talking maybe…   We’re talking maybe 30 minutes from now.
o About…    About 30 minutes from now.
o Around…    Around 30 minutes from now.
• Hope (to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true)is a great thing!:
o Hope…    I hope we get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o Hoping…    I´m hoping we will get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o Hopefully…    Hopefully we will get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o Let´s hope…   Let´s hope we will get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o If we’re lucky…   If we’re lucky, we will get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o With any luck…   With any luck, we will get a chance to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o I wish…    I wish you would stop talking about going to visit the new museum tomorrow.
o I’m keeping my fingers crossed… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won´t have to go visit the new museum tomorrow.
o I’m counting on…  I’m counting on not having to go visit the new museum tomorrow.
• I´ll bet you find yourself talking on the phone before the end of this lesson. Here are some English phrases you might use:
o I’ll call you later. – (That´s right, I´m busy now.)
o Leave a message. – (That´s right, I´m still busy.)
o Did you get my message? – (Let me guess. You were busy?)
o Can I speak to (Renato), please? – (Maybe he isn´t too busy.)
o Thanks for getting back to me. – (After you weren´t too busy.)
o I’m returning your call. – (Because…that´s right, I was too busy to answer the phone.)
• Want to write a comment on a photo of you in some wonderful vacation place and send it to your friends so they can be jealous (feeling or showing an unhappy or angry desire to have what someone else has)?
o We’re having a lovely/great time. – (I´m glad, but I wish I was there instead.)
o We’re thinking of you. – (Only long enough to send this photo, I´m sure!)
o The weather’s been lovely/gorgeous. – (Duh!)
o We’re flying back on the (14th). – (This is one way to speak about when you will return.)
o We’ve only got three days to go. – (This is another way to speak about when you will return.)
o Say hello to (the kids). – (Who are wondering why they couldn´t go with you.)
o Wish you were here. – (Maybe you do, maybe you don´t.)
*All definitions are from
Make sure you keep checking this blog for the editions we will be doing in the future. Goodbye, bye, see you later, see ya, have a good day, take care, tchau.

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